Pedicures: * we can only accommodate 2 at a time

BASIC (30 min) $30

** soak, nail trim, cuticle push, callus buff, classic polish

SPA (60 min) $40

**Basic PLUS exfoliating scrub, steamed foot masque, massage

Manicures: $20

**classic polish included with all nail services

****Gel Polish $10 extra

Gel Nails/Shellac: (45 min) $20


Gel polish is a product that uses clear and colored gels for nail enhancements instead of regular polish. It is applied similarly to traditional nail polish but each layer is cured under a UV light. It dries within 2 minutes under the UV light, a glossier and tougher finish, and lasts longer compared to regular polish (between two to three weeks). It requires removal by a professional.

French Nails aka ‘Pink and Whites’:


Shellac or Classic Polish (1 hr 30 min) $30 Acrylic (2 hr 30 min) $55

The application of a white free-edge, and a pink (or clear or beige) nail bed, using polish, colored acrylic or gel products.

Enhancement Removal: (30 min) e-file and soak off $10 & up

Collage 2018-09-17 13_48_13.jpg

** All Nail Art Extra ** $2 & up

Airbrush, Marble, Ombre, Chrome, Glitter, Glitter Press, Mylar, Sugaring, Magnet, Stamp, Webbing, Lace, Jewels, Inlays

Acrylics by Veronica **by appointment only

Full Set Tips : (2 hrs 15 min): $40


The two set types we offer are TIPS and Sculpted Forms . This is adding nail enhancements of ANY kind on natural nails to add length and strength. This service comes with a regular polish and topcoat. This also can be done in a french style.

Sculpted Forms:(2 hrs 15 min) $46

Paper with adhesive-backs that are placed under the free-edge or at the fingers’ ends to extend acrylic past the finger tip. This is considered the strongest nail enhancement. *french style $55

Fill: (45 min) $30

The application of acrylic near the cuticle to fill in regrowth. (The ”up keep” of nails)

Backfill: (2 hrs) $42

The application of acrylic near the cuticle AND moving the smile line down on a french set to compensate for regrowth.

Re-Balance: (1 hr) $38

Take down of old acrylic and addition of new acrylic. The arch of the nail must also be re-positioned in order to restore strength at the stress point where most cracks appear, and the free edge is reshaped and excess length adjusted in order to retain the proper balance to the overall structural integrity of the extension. Usually done on an older set.


Acrylic Overlay: (1 hr) $35

Application of acrylics on natural nail when no length is needed. $35

Hard Gel Overlay: (1 Hr) $30

A type of gel used with artificial nails that hardens when exposed to an ultra-violet or halogen light source.